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Companion Animal Grooming

We are now offering baths, blow drying and brushing for canines. No feline services or haircuts are going to be offered at this time.

Prices and Services

Base Prices
(includes bath, blow-dry and a brush

  • Small Dog (0-25lbs) $55

  • Medium Dog (26-50lbs) $65

  • Large Dog (51lbs +) $75

Extra Fees

  • Matted animals with have an increase of $10

    • severe matting​ we have the right to refuse and recommend a groomer who can do a full shave down

  • Hard to handle animals will have an increase of $15

Add Ons

  • DeShedding Package $15 (recommended for high shedding canines)​​​​​​

    • add specialized shampoo and conditioner, extra blow time, extra brushing​​

  • The Spa $10

    • adds a nail trim

  • Anal Gland Expression $10

  • The Works $15

    • adds a nail trim, ear cleansing solution, deodorizing spray, and a fresh breath spritz​

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