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We are no longer taking on any new small animal clients at this time. This will allow us to be able to catch up on our workload. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and we will update you when this changes in the future.


We are now offering baths, blow drying and brushing for canines. Click below to be taken to pricing and services.


Office Call: $35

Canine exam: $25*

Spay: Under 50lbs $130

           50-74lbs $145

           75lbs+ $190

Neuter: Under 50lbs $95

              50-74lbs $115

              75lbs+ $140

Dental: $105 + $5 per tooth extraction


   Parvo/Distemper: $20*

   Rabies: $10*

   Bordetella: $20*

Microchip: $50

Ultrasound for pregnancy: $35

X-ray: $105* for first X-ray

          $55 for each additional X-ray 

Puppy exams: $15/puppy*

*plus office call

Office Call: $35

Feline exam: $25*

Spay: $100

Neuter $65

Dental $105 + $5 per tooth removed


   Felocell/Rabies: $30*

   Felocell: $20*

Microchip: $50

Ultrasound for pregnancy $35*

X-ray: $105* for first X-ray

           $ 55 for each additional

Kitten Exams: $15/kitten*

*plus office call

This is not a comprehensive list of our prices and services. If you have any questions or would like a quote, please call (435) 258- 2484
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